Coast Liners - Hanstholm

Årsdanse 2000 - 2014




Far from the charts

Tell the world

Ticket to the blues

We`ll be alright

It feels like rock`n roll

The boat to Liverpool
Such a fool
Fall in love
Carters rock
Anybody looking for a fool
Stick like glue
Write your number
Whiskey´s gone
Rock, paper, scissors
Good day to run
Country cupid
All you need
Walk down town
The Flute
2010-2011 Askin Questions
Rhyme or Reason
Homeward Bound
People Are Crazy
Everybody Swing
2009/2010 Toes
T'morrow Never Knows
Boys Will Be Boys
Go Mama Go
Mojo Rhythm
2008/2009 Don't You Wish
Laid Back 'n Low Key
Duck Soup 
Cow Boogie 
Puttin' On A Style
2007/2008 Sweetly Smiles 
Naughty But Nice
My Heart 
Town of Hope and Memories
2006/2007 Anyway
Decent Guys From Muskogee
Rodeo Hustle 
You Can't Stop Love
                               Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute-cute-cute !
2005/2006 Speak To To The Sky
Irish Stew
Just My Luck
Forever And Ever
Tell Me Why
2004/2005 Country 2 Step
Do Wop Bee Do Bee Do
Who Did You Call Darlin'
Maybe I Could
Skiff A Billi
2003/2004 Sweet Sweet Smile
Vertical Expressions
Diamond Dixie 
2002/2003 Just for Grins
Lightning Polka 
Mao Dance 
First Love 
57 Chevy 
2001/2002 3 Times You
Paddy's Reel 
Hot Potato 
5, 6, 7, 8
2000/2001 Florida Swing 
Fishers Hornpipe 
Walking The Line
Cherokee Boogie 

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18.07 | 17:49

Er en danser fra Glostrup København og er i Thisted i uge 30
Vil høre om I har sommerdans? Ville så kigge forbi

Hilsen Dorrit
Glostrup linedance

19.10 | 14:35

Kære Forening Oktober 15.

Lige ganske kort om, hvad NovaVita kan tilbyde Jer som forening.

komme og holde foredrag om magnetterapi i form af

25.08 | 03:44

Jeg synes at mangler under link til kostumer :)
Jens H.

01.02 | 15:45

Det synes vi også...

Du kan lide denne side